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DL ROssi


Michigan to nashville…

DL Rossi is a writer living in Nashville with roots that start in Metro Detroit. Growing up in a midwestern conservative christian home DL grow up watching his Dad and friends have jam sessions in his home. This led to joining his two older brothers in a band that hit the road for 8 years. As a drummer DL has recorded everywhere from Jim Henson Studios in LA and the Magic Shop in New York. As a songwriter he has released 4 albums rich in honesty and transparency that touch on topics like: leaving the church, divorce, surviving cancer, and feelings of loneliness and heartache. Always growing and reaching for a simpler more welcoming way to present his music.

“I hope when people listen to my songs they feel a sense of understanding and welcome. The music that has always effected me the most has been from writers like Tom Petty, David Bazan, Jackson Browne, or Ryan Adams. Writers who welcome you into a world that feels very familiar to your own and invites you to share in the emotions that we all face.”

DL is currently working on releasing his album, stay tuned for more music very soon.