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Album update

Hey all,


As the album slowly moves forward and nears it’s release date I thought I should stop and let everyone who pays attention to my blog a little bit about this album and what you should be expecting from it.

First let me tell you all that I am more excited, happy, and proud of this collection of songs than I think I have been with any other piece of art, or music I have ever done.  I love the songs, I have been listening to the roughs a lot, I love who played on the record, I love what my brother Nolan did as producer.  It’s basically an all around love fest from my end when it comes to this album.  I think these songs rock.

Now, if you don’t know me well than you don’t realize that for me that’s a big thing. I haven’t felt this good about a record since I did the album “Something Worth Fighting For” with my brothers in Schaeffer many years ago.

For whatever reason it’s hard for me to like my own music.  But, the journey I have been on over the past year and a half is really one of self discovery, of learning to accept myself, and a deep desire for even more honesty in my life.  Honesty in my relationship with Jesus, in my relationship with my family, my friends, and ultimately my art.

Honesty is a scary thing though.  Being honest is hard, being honest is ugly, and being honest can hurt people because if you haven’t been honest with people in a while they realize what you have hid from them.  Also, honesty isn’t always “right.”  When we share our emotions (or our feelings) we aren’t always saying or doing the right thing, but there is a value to honesty none the less.  I have found that really inspiring as I’ve gone throughout this process of deciding to do this album.

For me, my new album is an exploration of songs I wrote over a 9 year span.  Songs I never wanted to share because I felt they would be too abrasive for the bands I was in.  Songs we just chose not to do because they didn’t fit the album we were working on, songs I wrote while coming out of my depression in the fall of last year, and songs I wrote after my surgery.  However, when I put the songs together they created a really compelling narrative, and these songs took new life and new meaning to me.

Because of that I want to just send out a clear disclaimer.  Don’t buy this new record if you think it’s going to be another worship album.  This project is not breath and dirt.  If you go and pick up this new album at the end of july expecting to hear a new breath and dirt album, you will most likely be upset.

This new album is different, it tackles a different subject matter, and is for a different audience.  It has strong language, it has strong content, and its just not a worship record in the same sense as my breath and dirt record.  If I had to compare the new record to anyone I would compare it to songwriters like David Bazan and Derek Webb.

This new album is about healing, hurting, struggle, and ultimately hope.  But I spend more time on my struggles, I spend more time lamenting then I do talking about hope.  I definitely go more Old Testament prophet on this record than psalmist and modern worship artist :)

For some of you that will be a shock, and for some of you it will make complete sense.  But either way, I really feel like this is the story God has placed on my heart for a reason, and that He is going to do some really cool things with this project.

I’ll be posting more videos and updates in the weeks to come.  I am excited to share these songs with you all.