Monthly Archives: January 2012

“A Love Song”

A new day, here is a new song. This time an original song I wrote awhile ago called “A Love Song.” Since valentines day is approaching I can get away with being mushy, don’t get used to it tho.  Enjoy!

Cover of States “Time to Begin”

Here is a link to a new cover I just did last night.  Its a song by one of my favorite bands States.  Me and my friends recently got to hang out with them in Atlanta and I have to say they are some of the coolest people I have ever met.  If you like my cover you will for sure love their stuff.  Check them out at  Enjoy!


Suckers And The Chumps

Here is my new video for “Suckers and The Chumps.”  I was blessed to be able to have my roommates help me out with this one.  Hope you enjoy it, you can also listen to a studio cut of this song in the music section of this page!